$1,200,000.00 MXN


May have variations in the kilometers

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Tecnología en blindaje

The GMC Yukon Denali 2017 is an SUV that provides great space, luxury, comfort and protection.

RCE Armor Nivel III Anti-Asalto, proporciona  la seguridad que requieres para poder circular con la tranquilidad que merecen tu y tú familia.

RCE Armor Level III Anti-Assault provides the security you require to circulate with the tranquility that you and your family deserve. It offers full protection for urban assaults, as it has a ballistic resistance for Caliber 22, 45, 9mm, Magnum and 44 Magnum weapons. It has all 21mm armored glass, ballistic steel and latest technology materials that hardly increase the weight of the vehicle and allows it to preserve the original aesthetics.

The armored parts in this vehicle are:

Partes de Blindaje Nivel III
•Roof Rail•Firewall•RearShelf Panel
•45º Angles•Battery•Computer
Cristales de 21 mm