RCE ARMOR incorporates state-of-the-art technology in the development of custom armor, with levels of protection from low caliber to heavy weapons, and double resistance certification to certify compliance with National and International Ballistic Standards.


We offer different levels of armor for vehicles,

determined through a careful study

of the optimal shielding for each client.


At RCE ARMOR we are distinguished by our commitment to the safety of each client, reason why all our

shields have:


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    Gas Chile
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    Segunda Bateria
  • null
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    Herrajes Eléctricos
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    Herrajes Manuales
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    Rejilla de Escape
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    Ventilador Enfriamiento Extra
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    Super Cargador
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    Modificación de Frenos
  • null
    Luces Infrarojas
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    Código de Luces

Para satisfacer los estándares más altos, ofrecemos soluciones que incrementan la seguridad y el desempeño, como:

  • Aros Run Flat
    Cada vehículo blindado en niveles superiores está equipado con aros tipo Run Flat.
  • Ingeniería en Suspensiones
    Sistemas de suspensión progresiva en amortiguadores, resortes, muelles y barras que ayudan a distribuir el peso del blindaje del vehículo.
  • Repotenciación de Motores
    Ofrecemos una amplia gama de kits que permiten alcanzar los requerimientos de un desempeño demandante, pero conservando su confiabilidad.
  • Frenos de Alto Rendimiento
    Sistemas de frenado de ingeniería de trabajo pesado para corregir la distribución del peso y la fuerza dinámica de los vehículos blindados.


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    Vehicle reception
    We evaluate and define the type of armoring that will be carried out according to the client’s needs.

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    Production Entry
    The vehicle is subjected to a thorough inspection to locate any previous damage before beginning the armoring process.

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    Disarming Interiors
    Our technicians completely remove the interior of the vehicle with the utmost care to facilitate the installation of the shield.

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    Opaque Armor

    Steel is shaped and outlines the armor with Water Jet to prevent it from losing its properties. The plates are then installed, eliminating ballistic holes and ensuring maximum protection.

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    Transparent Shield Installation

    The windows are carefully installed so that the exterior of the vehicle maintains its original appearance.

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    Interior Adjustments

    Our technicians work in the adaptations of the interiors, at the armor level, to preserve their nature

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    Suspension and Brakes Reinforcement
    According to the level of vehicle armor, some components are modified to guarantee maximum security and performance.

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    Accessories Installation
    According to customer requirements, it is possible to install additional accessories and equipment to the vehicle

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    The vehicle is inspected to ensure that customer requirement and quality standards are met or exceeded


Our engineering department develops tactical vehicles and special integrations for military and police agencies, with a wide range of configurations offering solutions that guarantee the fulfillment of any mission.