Armor Solutions

Vehicle Armoring

We offer tailored armoring service for different vehicle makes and models.
Vehicles go through a study in order to provide the optimal armoring for each client’s needs.

We armor to suit the customer’s specific requirements with the purpose of providing personalized protection. Please don’t hesitate to contact our engineering department to discuss your specific needs.

RCE 3 camionetas
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Custom Tailored Armoring that suits your needs
Armoring Process
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    Vehicle Reception

    This is the stage where we define and evaluate the kind of armoring that will be used according to our client´s needs.

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    Vehicles enter the production process

    Vehicles are carefully inspected for any previous damage and documented for future reference.

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    Interior Removal

    Staff carefully removes the vehicle´s entire interior to facilitate the installation of the armor.

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    Steel fabrication process

    Once engineering arrives at the proper armor solution, profiling and forming of the armoring panels begins. This includes WaterJet and mechanical forming processes. Once primary fit is complete, careful installation in the vehicle ensures proper fit and eliminates any ballistic gaps ensuring maximum protection.

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    Opaque Armoring

    Once the welding process is complete, careful installation of the opaque armor begins. Meticulous attention is maintained so the exterior of the vehicle maintains its original appearance.

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    Enhancing of Suspension and Braking Systems

    According to the armor level, certain components in the suspension and braking systems may be modified or replaced to ensure maximum safety and performance.

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    Additional Equipment and Accessories Installation

    According to the customer´s requirements, additional features or equipment may be installed.

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    Quality Control

    Our Quality Control Department continuously inspects the vehicle during the entire production process to provide the highest manufacturing standards. This ensures the customer´s requirements have been met or exceeded for peace of mind.

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Armoring Levels

We offer four armoring levels in order to satisfy our clients needs. These levels protect your vehicle from low to high level fire arms.


.22 LRHV320m/s +/- 12NIJ-018.01I


.380370m/s +/- 12NOM-142-SCFI-2000A
9mm X 19 FMJ358m/s +/- 15CEN 1063B2
.357 MAGNUM400m/s +/- 12NIJ-018.01IIIA


.44 MAGNUM FMCJ426m/s +/- 15CEN 1063B4
9mm X 19 FJ/RN/SC400m/s +/- 10NOM-142-SCFI-2000A
.357 MAGNUM FMJ420m/s +/- 15B
.44 MAGNUM411m/s +/- 15UL-7523


.44 MAGNUM S.E HP426m/s +/- 15NOM-142-SCFI-2000C


.30 M1 FMJ606m/s +/- 10
7.62mm x 39mm Nato710m/s +/- 10UL-7525
5.56X45mm Nato930m/s +/- 10NOM-142-SCFI-2000C+


920m/s +/- 10CEN 1063B5


5.56x45mm FMJ930m/s +/- 10NOM-142-SCFI-2000D


7.62X63mm SPFMJ825m/s +/- 10
7.62X51mm FMJ M80BALL838m/s +/- 15UL-7527
7.62X51mm (.308FMJ)838m/s +/- 15NIJ-018.01I I I
5.56X45mm FJBP/SCP920m/s +/- 10CEN 1063B6
7.62X51mm FJPB/SCP820m/s +/- 10
5.56X45mm FMJ XM193 BALL990m/s +/- 15


7.62X51 PIERCING838m/s +/- 15NOM-142-SCFI-2000E


7.62X51mm FMJ M80BALL838m/s +/- 15UL-7528,9
7.62X39mm API695m/s +/- 15STANAGL2
7.62X63mm .30-06AP868m/s +/-15NIJ-018.01IV
7.62X51mm FCJSTEEL HARD CORE820m/s +/-10CEN 1063B7
7.62X51mm API OR TUNGSTEN930m/s +/- 10STANAGL3


.50 FMJ MILITARY BALL856m/s +/- 10UL-75210